How I stay warm in the winter

Its fall and winter is almost here. Whether you like cold weather or not, we all want to be warm during the season.

2017-05-08 11105524670..jpg


I took these pictures a couple of months ago. At that time I was still debating on whether  I wanted to start a blog or not.  Since its fall and winter is just around the corner, I thought it would be beneficial to post it.



When it’s cold it’s always best to protect your neck if you want to avoid getting sick. I’m wearing a light blue turtle neck sweater that I got from a local thrift store and the bottom is just a plain black pants I got from Kmart.

2017-05-08 11376223343..jpg


The coat I got on is by Hwake and CO. The color is very pretty;its  dark grey and blue. I’ve had this coat for the longest and I can always wear different things with it to change it up. I got it from Burlington a couple of years ago. I don’t know if they still carry them; I doubt it. As for the boots, I have no idea where it’s from. It was given to me as a gift. They are just black boots with a block heel. They are so comfortable that I can walk around the whole city without my feet hurting.

2017-05-08 111114911892..jpg


I’ve been loving book-bags/bagpacks lately. Not the type we usually wear to school but the fashionable ones. It carries all the weight on my back instead of my shoulders. It is a very colorful butterfly print bag by Galian. The bag is easy to carry around. It got strings that I pull to close it and a magnet button.. I hope you enjoyed this post.

For more info on the outfits, check below:

Bagpack by Galian (click here)

Turtleneck at thrift shop ( similar one click here)

Pants by leara woman (similar one here)

Coat by Hwake and CO  (here)

Boots (similar ones here)




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